Build a Smart and Innovative Educational Mobile Apps

Push Notifications

• Send Important information to students, parents, and faculty.
• System help you share the notifications across platforms on iOS, Android, Facebook, and Twitter.
•Target specific groups of users based on the notification.
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Loyalty Cards

•Implement a mobile system to reward students for activities such as attendance.

•Manage your students’ reward activity via your mobile device.

•Develop different levels of perks to better reward your most reliable students.

•Increase student attendance and decrease attendance conflicts.

Mobile Reservations

• Implement a reservation system for events such as parent teacher conferences.

• Manage your appointments with a beautiful built-in calendar.

• Receive notifications via email when appointments are scheduled.

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Awesome document layout and design

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Payment Option

Provide high performance PDF to convert with an intuitive, easy-to-learn user-interface.

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Teacher Meeting Form

Explain, express and share with your own words!

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Why Hire Us
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With geo-location features and malleable design options, you can target the right customers in the right way—whenever and wherever you want.


Loyalty Card Feature built in right into your hands. No more digging around for that paper stamp-card-customers just hand their phones over and you type in your ultra secret code to add a point to their card.


Build your own marketplace or integrate your online store with this simple sales solution. Through our Merchandise feature, businesses can stock their stores without the back pain.


Make “at the click of a button” a reality with our one-touch update features, and sync up cross-platform content seamlessly.


Integration of multimedia tools is the key to user engagement; the success of mobile marketing strategy.


The Business Manager  Track Everything, View Your Activity, Connect & Manage, Contact Customers. A powerful tool to help you.